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Pre/Post-Op Treatment


Root Canal Therapy is performed using local anesthesia. In most cases, you should continue taking your usual medications prior to your appointment. If you have a condition such as a joint replacement, that requires a premedication antibiotic, check with your physician or surgeon to make sure you have the appropriate medication, prior to your appointment. Please inform us if you have a need for the premedication so that it can be taken before your dental care. There are usually no restrictions after the procedure concerning driving, returning to work or play. If you have other questions, please call our office.


You must schedule an appointment with your general dentist ASAP after completion of your root canal.  You will need to avoid chewing on the tooth until you see your general dentist.  Your treatment is not complete until your dentist has placed a permanent restoration.

Patients usually only experience minor discomfort following endodontic procedures.  Please do not be worried.  This discomfort is a normal reaction and will not affect the outcome of your treatment.  We usually recommend taking whatever you would normally take for a headache.  If the doctor feels it is necessary he/she may prescibe you additional medications. 

If you experience pain that keeps you up at night, please call our after-hours emergency line: 888-394-0844. 

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