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Our office uses the most modern equipment: 

Dental microscopes- The doctors use a surgical microscope for ALL endodontic and surgical procedures.  Magnification allows us to visualize small details such as extra root canals and fractures.  "The position of the AAE (American Association of Endodontists) is that the microscope is an integral and important part of the performance of modern endodontic techniques." The benefits to you are:

  • locating small canals
  • locating cracks and fractures
  • preserving tooth structure







Digital xrays- Digital xrays significantly reduce the amount of radiation compared to film- based dental xrays.  This reduces the radiation exposure to our patients

Cone Beam CT- 3D xrays help the doctors in the diagnosis of more complex cases.  We can see inside your tooth before initiating treatment.  This allows us a more accurate diagnosis and allows us to recommend the best treatment for your particular case.  

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